Timing is everything

Most residents like to stick a toe in the job search deep-end rather than just diving in. Casually start looking at job postings on PracticeLink.com, in medical journals and PracticeLink Magazine, visit job fairs and regional and national physician conferences where hospitals and groups exhibit, speak with your friends and colleagues, and collect those postcards you receive in the mail. This could be done over several months but do not underestimate the importance of this step. It’s common for residents to begin interviewing for jobs without a good idea of what they want or don’t want in a practice. If you casually look at job opportunities before you start contacting them, you will be more prepared by knowing what you want. You will also learn what is being offered and what the job market is like in the areas you are most interested.

Start by: T minus 24 months before you begin work

Complete by: T minus 12 months before you begin work 

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