Provider Solutions & Development is a community of experts founded within Providence, a purpose-driven, 51-hospital health system, over 20 years ago out of a clear need to change recruitment. We’re not focused on quotas, and we don’t work on commission. We support and serve physicians and advanced practice clinicians with heart, from residency to retirement, so you can do the same for your patients. With exclusive access to hundreds of positions across the nation, we offer holistic, personal career coaching that puts your needs first. We don’t just fill positions, we fulfill individuals by taking the time to help you find where you’re meant to be at every step of your journey.

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From pristine fishing communities in Alaska to the metropolitan flair of southern California, our practice locations offer the gamut of lifestyle choices. Whether you’re looking for an urban cityscape or rural scenery, a teaching hospital or a dedicated research facility, Provider Solutions & Development can help you find your perfect practice. With literally hundreds of practice opportunities from New York to Los Angeles, we can help you fulfill your practice potential.
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